The Love Registry

Sexual wellness toys and tools I wish
I had known about when I got married

Every Spring, families gather all over the United States to celebrate the joining of two individuals in matrimony. Sometimes the affair is a multi-day event with hundreds of participants. Sometimes it’s simply a few loved ones gathered at the courthouse or chapel or on the beach. No matter the outfits, the decor, or the guest list, there is one thing that is common to all brides, all grooms, and adult participants in the celebration: a sexual story with hopes of many MANY happy endings.

Unfortunately, many of us are never given the key components of what makes for a healthy sexual story. Instead, we’re simply thrown into our sexual sagas blindfolded and told “best of luck you two… enjoy!”

This “Wedding Season” I want to make sure all you brides and grooms—whether you’re celebrating a first or a fiftieth together—have access to education, tools, and toys, to make sure your sexual story is one filled with empowerment, connection, and yes, happy endings. So let’s jump in and explore together!

First, let's help you talk about sex, baby!

Next, let's maximize her comfort

Now, let's maximize his stamina

Okay, now we're ready for foreplay

Finally, let's shake things up and up and oh my!