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Foundations for Parents Course

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Sex educators follow a formula when talking with kids about sex. I want to share with you that formula, along with the insights, knowledge and tools you need to confidently become the go-to source for your kids' sex education.

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Foundations for Parents Course
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Foundations: Principles and Tools to Be The Go-To Source For Your Kids Sex Education

Research shows that kids want to talk to their parents about sex – no matter their age. They probably don’t know how to bring it up, and they may wrinkle their nose and act grossed out or embarrassed, but your children want you to be their safe place to ask questions and feel understood. If they can’t talk to you, where will they turn?

Sex educators follow a formula when talking with kids about sex. I want to share with you that formula with you, along with the insights, knowledge and tools you need to feel confident starting conversations and responding to everyday opportunities to learn.

In the FOUNDATIONS course you’ll learn how to begin and how to integrate your family values into healthy sexual development.  With your enrollment you’ll receive:

Four individual video sessions totaling more than 2 1/2 hours of instruction, including:
  • Intro and Values
  • WHY to talk to your kids about sex
  • WHAT to share and discuss with them
  • HOW to step into these vital, and at first awkward, conversations
Curated FOUNDATIONS digital workbook to accompany the courses and help you to build your confidence in becoming the sex expert in your home

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Foundations for Parents Course

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Foundations for Parents Course
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Foundations for Parents Course

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