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Intimate Earth Mojo Silicone Glide

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Intimate Earth's MOJO Performance Silicone Glide is an excellent, silicone-based lube for long-lasting enjoyment. Paraben free, pure vegan and condom safe, Mojo Glide proves to be a great choice in a silicone lube.

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Intimate Earth Mojo Silicone Glide
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Intimate Earth's Mojo Silicon Glide is a uniquely blended lubricant enhanced with a Peruvian Ginseng extract meant to increase stamina.

Offers maximum lubrication with staying power.

Body and condom safe. May be compatible with some toys, check toy manufacturers recommendation for use with silicone lube.

4oz bottle

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Intimate Earth Mojo Silicone Glide

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Intimate Earth Mojo Silicone Glide
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Intimate Earth Mojo Silicone Glide

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