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Sexy couples in motion stay in motion! You’re not alone if you’ve lost that motion. 

Good news! Just a little push can cause great momentum in your sex life. 

There are a million different things that can disrupt our sex life. Life changes like babies, moves, a pandemic, grieving loss, or even just a holiday season can put a halt to the passion we once felt for our partner. 

Newton taught us that once an object is in motion, it will stay in motion. The good news for us is that all it takes is a good push to get some momentum back into our sex life!

My number one tip for getting that momentum push is to schedule intimate time together! Notice I didn’t say schedule sex. This is just scheduling and prioritizing intimacy. 

After all, we schedule other important things in our life, why not make sure that you and your partner are in the same room at the same time connecting with one another. 

Here are some things you could put on that intimate calendar date:

  1. Make out like you’re teenagers or newly dating
  2. Get a room in a hotel
  3. Make a fun sexy playlist together
  4. Try sexting! There are apps that i’ll be sharing that helps ensure your conversations stay between the two of you
  5. Schedule to try something new or have a conversation about the kind of sex you want to ba having. 

Now it's your turn to explore & discover

Loving the idea of scheduling to try something new? Here are some ideas!

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